Whether you're creating a monthly, a quarterly, or a year-end annual, Blurb magazines offer a serious solution to serial content. Publish in print and digital and take advantage of the design freedom the 22 x 28 cm format offers.

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Newsagent quality, affordably priced

Blurb magazines come in two options: Economy, printed on 89 gsm (60 lb) coated gloss paper with a matt cover; and Premium, printed on heavier 118 gsm (80 lb) matt paper with a semi-gloss cover. Both can be printed one copy at a time or in volume (with discounts beginning at just 10 copies).

You can create Blurb magazines with either our free application, BookWright – which lets you publish in print and digital formats at the same time from a single file – or you can use our plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®. First time making a magazine? Relax. We've created a set of free, downloadable magazine starter templates that will make you look (and feel) like you've been publishing for years.

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