Creation, layout and import tools for everyone

Blurb exists because you create. Because you need a way to transform your ideas into professional-quality publications. We put self-publishing tools in your hands so you can create photo books, trade books and magazines in print and digital formats – for people you know, and people you don't know.

If you want to make a book for print and/or digital output, use our free book layout software, BookWright or download our plug-in for Adobe® InDesign®. If you're just looking to make a print book, you can also use our free tools BookSmart and Bookify. Explore the options below, choose the tool that's right for you, and start creating. The world (or maybe just your Mum) is waiting.

Import tools for text-centric books

If you've already written your book using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages or Open Office, there are two options for easily importing your text content into a book creation and layout tool: BookWright and our plug-in for Adobe InDesign.


BookWright lets you easily import large amounts of text into your book file and flow it across multiple pages. Just save your text as a Rich Text Format (RTF) file from within your favourite word processing application. Then, import into BookWright, choose your preferred page layout, and drag and drop the text files onto BookWright's text containers.

Learn more about importing RTF documents

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Blurb's Adobe InDesign Plug-in

If you use Adobe InDesign (or if you're working with a designer who does), you're probably aware that it's the desktop publishing software of choice for creative professionals. Download and install our plug-in, and then simply import text with InDesign's standard workflow. With features such as automatic template creation, our plug-in makes it easy to create a Blurb book and output it in print and digital formats.

Download the plug-in


Have PDF, will print

While Blurb's book design software tools are the easiest way to create and print a book with us, you can always use your own publishing tool of choice and print from a PDF file. Just use our specifications calculator to create your PDF in any of our book sizes. Once your page and cover PDFs are ready, simply upload and order your book.

Learn more about how to prepare your PDF for printing with Blurb. (NOTE: to access our PDF to Book tools, you will need to log in or register with us if you don't already have a Blurb account.)

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Blurb for Adobe Lightroom®

Adobe Lightroom users have a Blurb-powered book creation tool built directly into the program. Our Book module lets Lightroom users make a gorgeous photography book as just another step in the photo management and editing workflow.

Learn more about Blurb for Lightroom

Help when you need it
Our self-publishing platform is pretty intuitive. But if you're the type who likes a little instruction, we're here for you. No matter where you are in the publishing process, a little help from the experts here at Blurb is just a click away.

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Book and magazine pricing
Choose from a wide range of trim size, paper and cover options for photo books, trade books and magazines. Publish via print-on-demand or in volume with offset printing. Publish digitally in image-rich fixed layout or reflowable ebooks.

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Free starter templates
If you want to jumpstart your book project with a professionally designed template, you're in luck. We've created a set of robust, 20-page layouts for photo books, cookbooks, magazines and portfolios – all free. Download for use in BookWright or Adobe InDesign.

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