Book-making tools for every kind of book-maker

I want to publish a print book and ebook at the same time.

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BookWright has been designed from the ground up for anyone who wants to make bookshop-quality trade books, photo books, magazines, and reflowable or fixed-layout ebooks.

BookWright's professionally designed templates, RTF text import, flexible layouts, flowing text containers and colour fidelity make it easy to take full control of your book without hiring a developer or designer.

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I want to make a photo book easily with pre-designed layouts.

I want to make a print book, notebook or diary.

I want to create my print and/or ebook in Adobe InDesign.

I want to make a book with photos that I manage in Adobe Lightroom.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time fussing with the design of your photo book, then you might consider making a Blurb book online. There’s no download required and you can make a book in 1–2 hours.
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Blurb BookSmart is a great way to make a beautiful bookshop-quality printed book. It comes loaded with professionally designed layouts that you can use as-is or customise – or you can create your own.
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If you want complete creative control over your print book or fixed-layout ebook and are comfortable using Adobe® InDesign® – the tool of choice for creative professionals – then our InDesign plug-in is the Blurb tool of choice for you.
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Adobe® Lightroom® is a powerful photo management and editing tool. If you use Lightroom, you’re in luck when it comes to making books. The Blurb Book module is built straight into Lightroom.
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More tools

Blurb Mobile

Blurb Mobile lets you quickly tell vibrant, rich media stories on the go with photos, captions, audio and video. You can share your stories online instantly or print an 18 x 18 cm (18 x 18 cm) photo book straight from your iPhone®.

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PDF to Book

Blurb’s PDF to Book workflow gives you full creative control over the design of a beautiful printed book. Use the creation tool of your choice, make PDFs, then upload and order your book.

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