Ebooks are an easy, cost-effective way to share and sell your work.

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Blurb lets you convert any book or magazine you create with us into a gorgeous fixed-layout ebook for the iPad. And with our new creation and layout tool, BookWright, you can also create a reflowable ebook for Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle devices and reader apps. Ebooks can be shared and distributed globally with ease. So if you're making a print book or magazine, there's no reason not to publish digitally as well. Our digital formats are perfect for everything from family photo books (hello Aunt Edna in Croatia) to novels that rival War and Peace in length.

Fixed-layout ebooks

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For Apple iPad®

Blurb's fixed-layout ebooks maintain the integrity of your design so that the digital experience is as close to the print book as possible. Our conversion process delivers an extremely high fidelity ebook that mirrors the print version. You can even add audio and video to take full advantage of the medium. We've also licensed over 50 ebook-friendly fonts that are free to use.

Our fixed-layout ebooks and emagazines look incredible on an iPad—and we've made it easy for you to sell your digital publications in Apple's iBooks Store.

Fixed-layout ebooks can be made with BookWright and Adobe® InDesign®

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Reflowable ebooks

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For Apple iPad® and Amazon Kindle®

One of the best ways for authors to reach a wider audience is to have a competitively priced ebook available for the iPad and Kindle e-readers. Blurb makes it easy to convert your manuscript into a reflowable ebook that you can upload and sell through the Apple iBooks Store and the Amazon Kindle Store. Our free desktop publishing application, BookWright, lets you import any Rich Text Format (RTF) file and output as an industry standard EPUB3 and Kindle Format 8 (KF8) file.

To show you just how easy it is, we've created a simple guide to making a reflowable ebook with BookWright. Learn more.

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