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Our bulk printing discounts and custom account management mean big business. Get a discount on your order of 20-299 books automatically when you check out.

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Whether you need 300 copies of your design firm’s high-end magazine, want to buy 100 copies of your fundraising cookbook up front to maximise profits, or are just so thrilled with your new book that you want to give it to 25 of your best friends, Blurb has you covered.

Everyone will appreciate Blurb's high quality production, 24/7 customer service and volume discounts.

Orders of 300 or more are eligible for customised account management that includes:

  • A custom price quote
  • A full pre-production proof copy
  • Free conversion from print to ebook for iPads® and iPhones®
  • More payment options: Credit card, cheque, or wire transfer
  • Warehousing for single unit purchases

Blurb also offers corporate accounts for organisations and projects with planned spends of over $100,000 annually.

Custom quotes within two business days

For a custom quote on an order of 300 or more, or to learn more about our corporate account service, simply fill out the short form to the right and we'll get back to you within two business days.

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Do I need to order a proof book before I submit a volume order?

Customers placing volume orders of 300 or more books will receive one complimentary print-on-demand proof book prior to placing the volume order. Simply printing out the pages of your book design at home won't show you what the book will look like after the pages have been trimmed and bound. It is important to us that you know what to expect from your book before you make a significant investment in a Volume Order. Blurb is not liable for any mistakes that could have been caught with a proof book.

Will my volume order books look like my proof book?

Our proof books are always a print on demand (POD) product.

If your order is for 999 books or fewer, your books will be printed POD, and so the proof book is representative of what you should expect with your Volume Order books.

If your order is for 1,000 books or more, your Volume Order will be printed using traditional offset printing methods as it offers cost savings to you. Because the cost to print a single proof book using offset is high and defeats the purpose of our Volume pricing, these proof books are also printed POD.

As you know, offset printing uses a different printing processes than POD, so there will be some variance between the POD proof and offset books. No matter which process is used, there may be minor differences across different prints of the same books and/or across books printed by our different book-printing partners, including, but not limited to, slight variances in colour fidelity and binding type. So, the variance between your offset Volume Order and POD proof is no different than the variance in books printed among our different print partners.

While we work very hard to keep our product as consistent as possible, these printing variations are considered normal and within industry specifications and are neither a manufacturing defect nor a defect in workmanship. Normal variations like these do not qualify for a reprint.

How much is shipping?

Visit the Blurb Shipping Page for an estimate of shipping costs.

Enter the number of books you plan to order along with the country and post code for the shipping address.

The shipping calculator will show the cost of shipping your book(s) and the date you can expect to receive them. If more than one delivery date is displayed, you will be able to select from those options during checkout. Note: Any local duties, customs and taxes that apply must be paid by the recipient upon delivery. For orders of 1,000 or more books, we will provide you with a shipping estimate once you have an approved price quote and have confirmed your delivery address, trim size, cover type and exact page count.

What is the total turnaround time for volume orders?

For orders of 200 to 399 books, production time is approximately 10 to 14 business days. For orders of 400 to 999 books, production time is approximately 12 to 14 business days. Orders for 1,000 or more books can take between 3 to 8 weeks to be produced. Do not forget to plan for shipping time, in addition to the production time.

Why do volume orders take longer to process?

Book production time for most books takes approximately 5 to 6 business days at all of our printers, here in the U.S. and in the Netherlands. If your order contains 200 books or more, you'll need to add 3 extra business days to your book's production time, especially if you have a deadline to meet. Why? Larger orders may take longer because quality is important. Printing and binding issues occur with any manufacturing process, so the larger the order, the greater the odds that one of the books might not pass inspection. Book pages and cover materials travel in separate queues and then arrive at the end to be assembled. If one book has problems and needs to be reprinted, the rest of books are set aside until the reprint has passed inspection. So, if your order of 50 books is processing (printing and binding), and two of the books have manufacturing defects, these two books get reprinted, while the 48 books wait patiently. Once the two reprinted books join up with the rest of the order, the books will ship. We won't ship your books until the order is complete.

What are my payment options for a volume order?

For orders valued less than $10,000, we accept payment via American Express, Discover, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. We do not accept cash, cheques, money orders, or Maestro or Electron cards.

If your order value totals more than $10,000, we may accept cheque or bank transfer payment, in addition to the above methods. Please note that full payment must be received before we can process an order.

Click below to see examples of how businesses and organisations use Blurb's Volume Orders to their advantage.

Joe Cross

A movie release is complicated enough without tying yourself to a protracted traditional book publishing schedule. So Joe Cross chose Blurb for the companion book to his documentary film. He was able to use our flexible print cycle and count on our fast turnaround time to sync up with his sales flow and get the books when he needed them.

Semester at Sea

Twice a year, the people behind Semester at Sea make and print custom souvenir books for the 500+ students and faculty that take part in their ocean-going university. Blurb gives Semester at Sea the ability to create and print the books quickly at an excellent discount.

Teragren Flooring Manual

Teragren Flooring needed a customer-friendly way to beautifully showcase their range of products. They also wanted the ability to update the material regularly – a feat that's just not possible with traditionally-produced print runs. Blurb's print-on-demand model offered a great solution, allowing them the flexibility to update and order copies as needed. The result: No waste, greater cost efficiency and a book that could evolve along with their product line.

Blurb prints fast, delivers fast, and has great options that let me make my book just how I want it.
Tyler L.
Graphic Designer, American Apparel

We use Blurb because it gives us the flexibility to develop and test new marketing collateral, while providing the highest professional look and feel.
Robert Altmann
Olive Media, Inc.
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