Self-Publishing with Blurb

Once you’ve created your book, get it into readers’ hands with the distribution option that’s right for you.


It's time to sell your book.

You’ve already done the hard part. You’ve poured your ideas out of your head and onto the page. You’ve picked the perfect title, designed an eye-catching cover and made your book the best it can be. Now you’re ready to take the leap and self-publish. Let Blurb help you get your book out into the world.

Blurb offers two print book distribution options to meet the needs of both niche self-publishers and those seeking the widest possible readership.


Keep it simple

Blurb Direct Sell allows you to sell directly to your fans and friends through your own Personal Shopfront at Blurb. You get to set the list price for your book and keep 100% of the markup over the book's base price.

Maximum profits: You decide what the markup is over the base price of your book. You keep 100% of the profit.

Personal Shopfront: Use our interactive widget to sell directly to your audience through your own website, blog or Facebook page.

Simplicity: Blurb handles the entire transaction flow, prints and ships your books, tracks your sales, and sends you payments via PayPal. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


Reach more readers

Blurb to Amazon helps you take advantage of’s reach, recognition and search rankings to find the widest audience for your book. For a limited time, set up through Blurb is free, but keep in mind that Amazon receives a portion of your book’s list price for its services.

Maximum reach: Blurb makes it easy for you to sell your book on, the largest bookshop on the planet.

All genres welcome: Amazon distribution is available for print books you create using Blurb's book-making tools, even the ones you’ve published with us previously.

Painless management: Use your existing Blurb account for Blurb to Amazon; all you need to do is set the list price and provide a book description. We'll take care of the setup, print your books and ship the orders.

Get the full rundown on each programme by visiting Direct Sell and Blurb-to-Amazon.


Can’t decide?

What if you want to sell your book at both Blurb and Amazon? You can do that too, by uploading two versions of your book. Set up one for Blurb to Amazon distribution and the other for Direct Sell. But take note: Amazon’s rules state that no product sold through Amazon may be sold elsewhere for a lower price. So make sure the list price you set for Direct Sell is the same (or higher) than the one you set for Amazon. If the sales ranking on Amazon is important to you, we recommend using Blurb to Amazon exclusively. Selling your book on Amazon and Blurb concurrently may dilute your Amazon ranking.


A complete self-publishing platform

Choosing where to sell your book is just one part of a larger self-publishing strategy. Other considerations include making your book available in both print and ebook formats, promoting the book through blogs and social media, and (if you find yourself selling in large volumes) managing costs through offset printing. Blurb’s unique self-publishing platform can help you every step of the way.

The right tools for the job. Blurb has book-making tools for every book under the sun. Choose Blurb BookWright for seamless creation of your book or magazine in both print and ebook formats. Try BookSmart for importing photos, blogs or Word docs straight into your layout. Take advantage of a wide range of pre-designed layouts and make a book online, or get complete creative control with Adobe InDesign.

Print-on-demand flexibility or warehouse convenience. There’s no minimum order with Blurb’s print-on-demand service. If you only need one copy, we only print one. If you need a lot, we offer volume discounts, offset printing and even warehousing. These services can lower your manufacturing costs allowing you to set a lower list price for your book.

Print and ebooks go hand-in-hand. Complement your beautifully-designed printed book with an equally beautiful fixed-format ebook. Sell it through Blurb or in the Apple iBookstore. Make a PDF version too to reach an even wider reader base. You can do it all from one project file with Blurb BookWright, or convert a book you’ve already created with our other tools.


You’ve got the ideas. We’ve got the tools to help you bring them to the world. There’s never been a better time to self-publish. Do it with Blurb.



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