The most important letter in publishing is “u”

When we talk about the democratisation of publishing, it’s not just a catchphrase or wishful thinking on our part. It’s our philosophy – and (if we can put humility aside for a moment) it’s our little contribution to the publishing industry. “Beautiful books. Made by you.” That’s it in a nutshell. Our goal from the beginning was to create the best possible set of products and services to enable anyone to make a bookshop-quality, graphically-rich (photos, illustrations, graphics of any kind) book, get it printed, and then share and sell it if so desired. And guess what? We did it.

So rummage around a bit here. Learn about the different kinds of books you can make and the various ways you can customise those books. And familiarise yourself with the services we provide around the book-making process. We’ve got you covered from start to finish. And then some.

Books, books, and more books. And magazines too.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: We love books. And that’s great news for you, because that love manifests itself in every thoughtfully considered, meticulously designed and quality crafted feature of a Blurb book.

The question really isn’t “what kind of books does Blurb offer?” but rather “what kind of book do you want to make?” Because unless you’re hoping to create a book as small as a postage stamp or as big as your dining room table, we probably have a size and format for you. We break the rules by offering both industry-standard sizes and some not-so-standard ones.

Blurb print book options:
By the numbers

  • Seven different book sizes, plus magazines and ebooks
  • Five different end sheet options
  • Five different types of paper stock
  • Four-colour printing
  • Three cover types (hardcover with dust jacket, Imagewrap hardcover and softcover)
  • Three hardcover linen finishes
Products - Graphically rich books

Graphically-rich books. We’re talking about books that feature photos, drawings, graphics, anything that’s not pure text. Our photo-quality paper and colour reproduction standards ensure our books just look better. We offer six different sizes of these lovely objects:

  • Small Square (18 × 18 cm)
  • Standard Portrait (20 × 25 cm)
  • Standard Landscape (25 × 20 cm)
  • Large Landscape (33 × 28 cm)
  • Large Square (30 × 30 cm)
  • Magazines (22 × 28 cm)

Pocket and Trade books. These types of books are usually – but by no means exclusively – used for more text-oriented creations (like that brilliant novel you have inside of you). Same Blurb quality, just different dimensions:

  • Black and white Pocket (13 × 20 cm)
  • Black and white Trade (15 × 23 cm)
  • Colour Pocket (13 × 20 cm)
  • Colour Trade (15 × 23 cm)
Products - Pocket and Trade books
Products - Instant Photo Books

Instant books. Ah, if only it were that easy. Well, actually it is. Blurb Instant books take advantage of content you’ve already created in another medium by letting you import it into our 18 × 18 cm format:

  • Instagram book. Your Instagram photos rock. You know it, so show it.
  • Facebook book. That sounds funny, but this is a great way to capture all of those traditionally ephemeral moments for the ages.
  • Designer Collection. We’ve created incredibly stylish photo book templates for you; you just add your content.

Magazines. Okay, if you want to get literal about it, these aren’t books per se. But they’re great for displaying all kinds of editorial content. If your “book” project is something you’re thinking about printing in a serial format, a magazine might be perfect for you; the price point is great for selling. Best of all, our magazines are printed on photo-quality paper.

  • Standard Magazines (22 × 28 cm). Printed on 89 gsm (60 lb.) gloss paper with matt cover and perfect binding – ideal for low-investment, high-return projects.
  • Premium Magazines (22 × 28 cm). Printed on heavier 118 gsm (80 lb.) matt paper with a semi-gloss cover and perfect binding – beautiful printing for a sophisticated look.
Products - Magazines
Products - Notebooks and Diaries

Notebooks and diaries. Perfect for sketches, doodles, ideas, journals – anything really. You can add photos and graphics, use pre-made calendar layouts, or just create a sandwich of blank pages between two awesome covers. Sizes include:

The anatomy of a Blurb book


Cover »

Hardcover, Softcover, ImageWrap – and tons of cover layout options.


Printing »

Bookshop-quality, 4-colour printing for stellar image fidelity.


End sheets »

Standard and ProLine end sheets frame your book beautifully.


Creative layouts »

Huge range of creative and customisable layouts.


Binding »

Durable, professional binding built to last.


Paper »

High-quality FSC-certified papers available in matt, lustre or gloss finishes.

And let’s not forget about ebooks. They’re books too.

As much as we love the print books (and we do love the print books), we’re also not Luddites, you know? The digital world is here to stay and we’re here to stay with it. Our enhanced ebooks are an entirely different kind of tactile experience.

Our fixed-format ebooks are a popular choice for book-makers who want to preserve their design and layout when publishing in ebook form. A fixed-format ebook retains all of the design images and artwork in place with the text in appropriate spaces. We think that if you’ve put a lot of effort into your book design, you ought to able to keep the integrity of that design when publishing an ebook.

Blurb ebooks also let you add rich media content like video and audio to your digital pages. You can convert your print book file to an ebook easily. And talk about ease of distribution: All you have to do is email a link to recipients and they can download a copy to their iOS device instantly.

Products - ebooks



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