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Between Worlds |
14 May 2016
Eileen Gittins on the future of books, female entrepreneurs and why more kids should play Minecraft
When I wrote my last book, ‘The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas’, I wanted to find a platform that represented the future, rather than the dusty past of publishing. That brought me to Blurb, and many years later to their offices in San Francisco where I met up with their founder, Eileen Gittins.
Forbes |
28 January 2015
Eileen Gittins Builds Blurb To Make Book Publishing Easy And Affordable

“In the market for self-publishing, Blurb has certainly made a splash: At its peak volume last year, Blurb produced more book titles in three minutes than a mid-sized publisher produces in a year, Gittins says.”

Sydney Morning Herald |
2 January 2015
General Thinker: Author Remo Giuffre thinks outside the box
“Remo Giuffre isn't quite sure what to call himself. Creative strategist, general thinker, design communicator, former retailer, husband, lover, father, friend. ...It's quite liberating not knowing much about him. He's here in this guise to spruik his book General Thinker. Personal memoir, part catalogue, part design guide. It's a book that's again, much like him.”
Daily Mail |
28 December 2014
Photographer makes children's dreams of becoming bakers, cricketers and fairies come true in magical portraits

“We should be encouraging our children to play, and explore their minds and imagination, and arm them with the confidence and tools to march forward in life and become the person they want to be and not think the only thing that matters is how you look for a photo. This is what producing this book has done for me.” [...] Part of the proceeds of Vicki's book will go to Little Princess Trust, a charity supported by Jessie J, which provides wigs for children suffering hair loss.

The Telegraph |
2 November 2014
Book minnow opens new chapter in publishing

Developed initially as a way of producing picture books, Blurb has bulked up in novel and magazine publishing, and sees itself as the future of the industry – and a massive threat to traditional publishers. “The volume we’re seeing globally is unbelievable,” says Gittins. “We’re entering the golden age of publishing.”

Forbes |
24 September 2014
Blurb's Brenda Van Camp On Engaging A New Target

In this video from Forbes' CMO Excursion series, Blurb CMO Brenda van Camp discusses the online book-making company's quest to expand its business.

The Next Web |
19 August 2014
Blurb branches out to low-cost trade books, e-books and mass distribution via Ingram

“Today, Blurb has launched an initiative aimed at bringing even more diverse publications into the marketplace for mass distribution. [...] Essentially, this means that Blurb authors can now publish digital and print formats from a single file, output to Amazon Kindle, sell on, and be available via Ingram.”

Talking New Media |
19 August 2014
Blurb announces new lower priced trade books options, Ingram initiative that expands global distribution potential

“‘Our collaboration with Ingram will be especially welcome for Blurb’s global authors, as they will now be able to make their books available for distribution within their home markets virtually everywhere in the world,’ said Eileen Gittins... [Blurb] has been expanding the book and eBook production solutions it can offer authors, publishers and corporate clients – moving beyond the photo book printing many still think of when they think of the company.”

Publisher's Weekly |
19 August 2014
Blurb Teams with Ingram; Offers More Trade Services

“Over the last year the service has been aggressively expanding its programs to allow Blurb users to create professional books to be sold into the trade book market. [...] ‘Authors, like artists, want two things: Control over their product and process, and fair compensation for their work,’ Gittins said. ‘The elements are now all in place for independent authors to design, market and sell their digital and print books—at a healthy margin—via global distribution to booksellers both online and at retail. It’s a happy day for both Blurb authors and Blurb employees too; delivering this extensive a range of offerings is a big deal for everyone.’”

Inc. |
3 June 2014
All Entrepreneurs Need to Tell These 6 Stories

“Gittins' company started out as a way for people to make well-designed photo books in somewhat less than an eon. Since then, Blurb has grown into a popular platform for e-books, publishing about 7,000 titles a day and reeling in about $100 million in revenues a year. As Blurb grew, Gittins learned how important it was for her customers to believe there were real live people behind it, and to trust in them.”

TechCrunch |
27 May 2014
Indie E-Book Printer Blurb Buys Graphicly; Will Shut Down Comic E-Publishing Platform

“Blurb, which lets authors self-publish and print their books, is buying Graphicly, a platform that lets authors publish and distribute e-books, with a specific focus on image-heavy content like comics and photography.[...] For its part, Blurb earlier this month acquired [MagCloud] from HP to extend its catalog from books to magazines. In that context, it makes a lot of sense for them to pick up Graphicly and its expertise specifically in comic book magazines.”

BLURB CLARIFICATION: We appreciate the great coverage that TechCrunch provided in this article, but, as has been corrected on other sites across the web, we’d like to take this opportunity on our own site to clarify that Blurb did not acquire the Graphicly company (meaning their products, customers, revenue, technology, assets, etc.) but rather hired some of the former Graphicly employees after their Board closed down the company and let their staff go.

PBS MediaShift |
8 May 2014
Blurb Offers New Tools for Color Book Authors

“In conclusion, Blurb is now extremely attractive to self-publishing color book authors with their easy-to-use tools, affordable printing services, and a growing distribution network. Blurb has a great reputation for quality, and they offer lots of attractive options like hardback cover with dust jacket, end sheets, and paper stocks that picky color book authors are willing to pay for.

The tools are so easy to use that some authors may even be swayed away from do-it-for-you services [...]. And certainly budget-minded authors will opt to use the tools in lieu of paying professional designers.”

Digital Book World |
7 May 2014
Blurb’s Vision of Publishing’s Future: Everyone’s a Publisher

In an age when anyone can publish ebooks, a growing number will — especially businesses.

This is the point of view of self-publishing platform Blurb founder and CEO Eileen Gittins. Some 37% of the company’s revenue already comes from businesses. They use Blurb, which is best known as technology for creating and distributing image-heavy books and ebooks, to create content to use as marketing collateral, to commemorate events and to document creative output. The film producer and director Steven Soderbergh will be using the platform to create custom books about his creative projects, for instance.

“We think of this as long tail,” Gittins told Digital Book World.

Fortune |
6 May 2014
Blurb acquires HP's MagCloud, aims to dominate long-tail publishing

“Blurb has announced another big move: On Monday the company acquired MagCloud, a self-publishing platform for magazines, under a licensing agreement from HP (HPQ). [...] In the deal, Blurb takes over the company's technology and operations, as well as its 10,000 (approximate) customers. As with its books business, Blurb will offer warehousing and fulfillment services to customers, acting as a one-stop-shop for boutique and niche publishing.”

Publisher's Weekly |
27 April 2014
Blurb Debuts Amazon Distribution

“[Blurb’s] popularity is growing beyond its original target market of ‘personal book creation,’ or books generally for close friends, said Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins, during a recent visit to the PW offices. Blurb, she said, is attracting a growing market of self-publishers that want their books to reach an audience beyond their personal circle of friends. Blurb is expanding its services to accommodate a new kind of self-published author she called ‘author-preneurs,’ explaining that, ‘we need a new term for self-publishing.’”

Good E-Reader |
22 April 2014
Blurb Unveils New Streamlined Tools for Authors

“For many self-published authors, the various ebook distribution platforms that have made it easier than ever to put content in front of readers are the only avenue to publication. But with the variety of companies who have begun to offer legitimate, cost effective ways of offering readers a print edition as well, there’s no reason not to release a book simultaneously in both ebook and print.”

USA Today |
22 April 2014
Blurb brings self-published books to Amazon

“Blurb has established itself as the premier place online to make self-published books, making 8 million of them since opening for business in 2006, and selling them on its website and at Apple's iBooks store for the iPad. Tuesday, it's adding Blurb BookWright, a tool to let folks sell their books directly on Amazon as well. Founder and CEO Eileen Gittins says this has been one of her biggest requests.”

Vator News |
11 December 2013
How the book industry is being reinvented

Blurb has printed and shipped more than eight million books, with over two million processed in 2012 alone. More than 50% of revenue comes from repeat customers. Blurb has paid out more than $3 million to authors to date and can process - at peak - 1.2 million books ordered per second. Blurb is also shipping to 70 countries.

Talking New Media |
22 November 2013
One Person Rally: the continued rise of micropublishing

But somewhere in the middle lies new publishing houses that have arisen to help authors produce their eBooks. Some of these are not really publishing houses as much as publishing solutions. These companies offer easy ways to format, complete and publish the author’s work.

Nicole's Classes |
18 November 2013
Create a Blurb Book Inside Lightroom

I love that you can make a Blurb Book from inside Lightroom. Moving back and forth between your photo organization software and another app or online bookmaking site can be tedious and time consuming and Lightroom really simplifies this.

Good eReader |
8 November 2013
Blurb Unveils New Tools to Self-Publish Magazines

Blurb magazines and brochures, both of which are made using Blurb’s platform and its plug-in for Adobe InDesign, let anyone create customized publications that push the creative edge. Both products are printed on HP Indigo presses, the industry’s leading printer for on-demand publishing.

Leader-Post |
6 November 2013
Blurb helps you give the gift of memories this holiday

Looking for a personalized gift idea? Here are some suggestions from Blurb for giving a customized book or ebook. You could create a photo book, family history book, cook book or even a Facebook book. What a great way to personalize and preserve meaningful moments.

Bubblews |
5 November 2013
Why I Use Blurb for My Self-Publishing

The photo shows the first book I self-published with It's my mother's memories of her childhood. She wrote the essays over a number of years and I gathered them together, edited and arranged them for this book. It won the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award in 2010.

Digital Camera World |
24 October 2013
Best photo book: reviews of the top self-publishing options for photographers

Blurb was one of the pioneers of self-publishing and has established itself as one of the biggest players in the market.

KQED - Pop |
15 October 2013
Inaugural Blurb Food/Book Fair: 5 SF Food Trends

Last night’s inaugural Blurb Food Fair at Stable Cafe was an especially courant evening celebrating the marriage of amateur cuisine and the digital publishing platform. |
11 October 2013
Mitsu Yoshikawa captures Stow Lake

“‘There is a momentum to taking a picture, even in landscape,’ Yoshikawa said, lifting his head out from under the black blanket behind his camera. ‘It takes skill to capture it. I have to figure out what is the most effective, strongest way of expressing an image. The same as taking someone's portrait.’”

7x7 |
10 October 2013
Foodie Agenda: Cheese 101, an Epic Food Fest, and More

Blurb, the SF-based digital publishing platform will celebrate a select group of exceptional Bay Area recipe bookmakers with an event designed to showcase their talents. At the Blurb Epic Food Fest, feast on flavorful creations from everyday cooks and food bloggers who have used Blurb to showcase their passion projects.

Talking New Media |
9 October 2013
Bowker says analysis of ISBN numbers shows self-publishing jumped 59% last year

“The most successful self-publishers don’t view themselves as writers only, but as business owners,” said Beat Barblan, Bowker Director of Identifier Services, in the company’s press release. “They invest in their businesses, hiring experts to fill skill gaps and that’s building a thriving new service infrastructure in publishing.”

The Guardian |
8 October 2013
'Kickstarter is a fantastic way to pitch your ideas to the world'

Through self-publishing you maintain complete control over exactly how it is written, designed and laid out. It is a fantastic thing to see your idea and vision through from complete infancy to finished product.

Calgary Herald |
4 October 2013
How selfies are changing from vanity projects to tools of business and art

These days, however, the humble selfie is taking on new life. Long derided as evidence of a self-obsessed generation prone to oversharing, selfies are now being celebrated as a marketing strategy and creative business card. Selfies are even being turned into books with the help of self-publishing platforms such as Blurb and iPhoto.