Tracy R. L. O'Flaherty

Perth, Ontario, Canada

Timeless Wisdom For All Ages

Sharing through the gifts of mediumship, the unfolding of timeless stories and Divine wisdom.

The creative work and writings shared by Tracy R. L. O’Flaherty are put forth to create an awareness of great compassion – kindness – forgiveness – love – love for oneself and love to be shared with others... to shine a light on the miracles of Mother Earth and the miracle that each soul is.

All stories have within the seed of great awakening and spiritual grace – profound and compelling received from the heavens above in wondrous and miraculous ways.

All books and novels are freely shared in the understanding that all is One as we take our steps upon Mother Earth.

The foundation – the embodiment – is the knowing that love prevails – kindness and compassion will bring peace to one’s heart, and forgiveness bringing peace upon the planet.

Books by Tracy R. L. O'Flaherty