Jason Ruffell


I have been shooting Derby since 2008, in the UK, Europe and America. I shoot with a mix of digital and film, primarily using Canon cameras but also use Pentax film slrs and Zero Image pinhole cameras. I covered the first Roller Derby World Cup in Toronto, Canada in 2011 for Blood and Thunder magazine where I put up a miserable showing in leg wrestling Suzy Hotrod. In 2014 I covered the first Men's Roller Derby World Cup for Team England in Birmingham, England, and the second women's Roller Derby World Cup for England Roller Derby, in Dallas, Texas. In 2018, I again covered The Roller Derby World Cup for Team England.

In my spare time, not working or shooting Derby, I have created the 'zine', Photographing Boring Places, available for free only website and try and get out and about to shoot random photographs, mainly boring in nature.

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