Glittermouse (Annabeth Orton) graduated with a Fine Art degree in 2002 and taught at Further Education colleges in London and Manchester for over 12 years. With a broad practice including 2D and 3D in traditional processes as well as digital media, her visual work often reflects a lifelong interest in engaging with environments and people. Her written work interrogates the world through poetry and prose. In 2015 she produced a series of canvases titled The Serenity Series, developed from photographs taken in Buddhist temples in China and Japan. It later transpired that this work marked a personal turning point as well as a creative one. She left the education sector and became a Mitra of the Triratna Buddhist Order in July 2016, publically confirming her commitment to make the associated teachings central to her life.
She is now pursuing ordination while exploring less structured outlets for creativity and education.

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