RGD Webinar – Books that build your brand and business

In a fun collaboration with RGD, hosts of the DesignThinkers Conference in Toronto, we did a webinar that talked about the evolving design possibilities in the book world. Often, when designers think of books, they think in terms of lifetime collections. We wanted to highlight the innovative ways people are using books to bring out the best in their brands and advance their vision.

Live with Kent and Dan - Book Project Inspiration

Kent and Dan discuss their inspiration for their book projects, and show us examples of their work.

In-Conversation with NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty

Join us in a conversation with NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty. Chris will lead a panel with Grant Faulkner, the current executive director of NaNoWriMo, and other successful WriMos as they offer up tips and tricks to help you make the most of your November.

Kevin Gilbert of Mylio and Dan Milnor Blurb Photographer

Kevin Gilbert, Mylio’s Memory Evangelist, is joining with Blurb creative favorite Dan Milnor to help you tame your photo chaos. In this free webinar, they’ll help you create a system that lessens—or totally eliminates—the mess and turns it into a year-in-review book you’ll be seriously proud of. Wrap Up Your Year with a Beautiful Photo Book Presented by Mylio and Blurb.

Author Development with Brenda VanCamp

Learn how to develop your fan base, and create buzz around your book and your brand. The first in a series led by Brenda van Camp, our Chief Marketing Officer

Magazine Templates with Dan Milnor

Join Blurb’s creative powerhouse Dan Milnor and learn how to put your creativity to work in an unexpected way—with Blurb’s new magazine templates. Get Creative with Magazine Templates.

Lightroom and Bookmaking with Kent and Dan from Blurb

On December 3, Kent Hall and Dan Milnor, book-makers and Blurb ambassadors, will host a one-hour webinar and take you through the photo editing and book-making basics of the programs, and how to take advantage of what the programs offer.

Fun with Trade Books - World Book Day

April 23 is World Book Day! And we want to celebrate with a little webinar dedicated to our amazing new Trade books. And we'll make it worth your while with a sweet deal. Learn what makes these books unique and follow along as we make a book live on the spot.

Compelling Cover Design (34:50)

The cover of your book is your best chance to catch someone’s eye. In this webinar, photography book editor Alan Rapp uses examples from iconic works and Blurb books alike, and shows how the cover draws the viewer in.

How to Layout and Design Your Next Book Like a Pro (69:13)

Pro photographer and book designer Mat Thorne presents an introduction to book design principles, including typography, essentials of cover design, and laying out front & back matter.

Adobe® Lightroom® to Blurb BookSmart®: Great Color Photos from Capture to Final Book! (54:10)

In this webinar, we start from scratch using color calibrated images from Adobe Lightroom and the latest version of BookSmart to make a beautiful photo book with images that have the best color possible.

How to Sequence and Design Your Next Book Like a Pro: An Insider’s Guide (59:26)

Mat Thorne, pro photographer and design whiz, shares his secrets for great book design. Mat walks you through book design and layout essentials and touches upon every aspect of book making, from workflow to typography to final layout.