Kenneth Longbrake

Cushing, OK

Deacon Kenneth was born in a small town in Oklahoma where he was raised in the Baptist church. In that small town he met and married his high school sweetheart, a Catholic girl.

His journey into the Catholic religion began in the early 70’s when he met a young priest who had a great influence on him. Shortly after he converted to Catholicism, yet the world would also have a great influence on him and he and his family left the church for a number of years.
In the early 90’s the holy spirit again took hold of him and led him down the path of study and prayer and a calling to the diaconate. He was ordained in 2007 as a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A large part of his ministry is listening to and praying with those who are suffering in many ways. He studied and researched the church teachings on suffering and began writing as a means not only to try to understand why we all suffer, but how to deal with this suffering.

Books by Kenneth Longbrake