Steve Ault

Anaheim, California, USA

My photography interests are primarily focused on wildlife, landscapes, youth sporting events, and motorcycling. I am experienced in HDR techniques and utilize a variety of desktop tools to get the most out of each shot. Though I don't do photography for a living, I do use many of the same tools that professionals in this field use. I have a lot of experience working with graphics both for work and for fun. Finding the right composition and making a picture come to life is a lot of fun and I'm happy to share it. These and other works are available on my website.

More recently, I have traveled with renowned wildlife photographer Daniel J. Cox. Dan and his wife Tanya operate a wildlife touring company, Natural Exposures. If you want to visit an exotic destination and have the opportunity to capture images such as mine, you can't go wrong with Dan and Tanya!

Thank you for taking the time to share in my work and read my story.


Books by Steve Ault