N. C. R.

On God's Big Earth

About Me

I am a young boy age 15, just about 16. If you ever want to know how old I am, you just have to ask yourself the question “what year is it?”. If it happens to be the year 2016 then I will be turning 16 because I was born in 2000.

My favorite subjects in school are reading and writing. I have read over 5oo hundred books in my life. I have also written many things, but this is the first book I wrote. I plan to write many more so keep your eyes open for more books by N.C.R., these letters are my initials. I use them as my pen name; they stand for Nonresistant Christians Rule.

I am a nonresistant Christian and also a 7th day keeper, I rest on the 7th day just as God has commanded. I also believe that we as Christians should get all are beliefs from the bible, and that all our beliefs should be backed by scripture. I also think that we should not try to get the bible to say anything we want.

Books by N. C. R.