Michael McMeekan

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Mike; husband for 38 years, father of three, served in the military (5th SA Infantry), been a firefighter, a paramedic, a banker, a salesman, graphic designer, teacher, lecturer, administrator, union spokesman, curator, 3 time president of South Africa's oldest Art organisation, project managed the organisations extremely successful exhibition/workshop/restaurant complex, is an award winning photographer and exhibiting artist. He played rugby throughout his youth, competed in running (ultra) marathons, and in white water canoeing, been in surfing for over fifty years, and snow skis every year. He has climbed South African and Australian mountains; including Tasmania’s Frenchman’s Cap whilst solo rafting the Franklin riverine. He has also suffered setbacks including; job losses, business failures, pneumonia twice, tick bite fever, has had a few organs removed, had cancer twice and open heart surgery which blessed him with a titanium upgrade. He survives and thrives.