Leah Mariani

Melbourne, Australia

I'm a Melbourne artist making art about people and relationships. I draw on my experience as a woman and a mother, and resultantly most of my work is about family life and perceived gender roles. I love pattern and include it in nearly all my work through collaged fabric and paper. My attraction to pattern comes from my need for order (I'm also a Chartered Accountant), but more importantly I like the flat, decorative element it adds.

I am passionate about women’s issues and gender stereotypes. It is a theme I keep coming back to and intend to pursue into the foreseeable future. I predominately work in oils but also dabble in paper collage and relief printing (including chine-colle). I have an extensive collection of fabrics and decorative paper.

In 2015 I created the "I Like Pretty Things" series which was exhibited in Melbourne during 2015 and 2016. My latest series is called "I'm Just a Girl."

Books by Leah Mariani