Helping Build Bridges Across



A Community WITH a VIBE who attracted a tribe of people, who are learning the lessons of life's journey and are willing to share the experience Good or Bad, living with the intent to leave Footprints behind for the Generations that follow.

EAGLES KNOW, life has STORMS, but we use the Winds of Life to Lift Us Higher, for the purpose to take what we experience, to Lift others Higher, to Make a Difference in the lives that surround us. PAIN for some and at times WAKE US UP to be alert to the cries of those who can't see their way out of their pain. A thought to consider?? Could it be, it's NOT JUST ABOUT US?! COULD IT BE, It's about showing someone else the Way that leads to out of the Dark Places and Spaces that create HOPELESSNESS.

Areas of Expertise

Gratitude Resource Consultant
Embrace the Day Specialist
A PERSON who CHOSE to Take PERSONAL PAIN to create an ELIXIR, An Ointment of HEART FILLED WORDS, intended to HELPING others who are suffering and CAN'T FIND THEIR WAY OUT OF A DARK ROOM OF PAIN to say You Can Make it Through.

Books by Helping Build Bridges Across