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A Community comprised of people that have a kindred spirit, who through experience are learning the lessons along life's journey and are willing to share the experience the Good and the Ugly. Experiences that are Offered as a Buffet Table, anyone who visits can decide what can be an asset and simply leave the rest behind.

Like EAGLES, we as a Community KNOW, life has STORMS, but we use the Strong, Adverse Winds of Life to Lift Us Higher, for the purpose to take what we experience, to Lift others Higher, to Make a Difference in the lives that surround us. Taking our PAIN, our Experience as an Alarm that WAKES US UP to be alert to those who can't see their way out of their pain. A thought to consider; Could it be, our Journey is NOT JUST ABOUT US?! COULD IT BE, It's about sharing, showing someone it's possible, that it is a Way Out of Dark Places and to know that they are not alone? Could it be?!

Areas of Expertise

Author / Speaker
A PERSON who has Chosen, to Take PERSONAL PAIN to create an ELIXIR, An Ointment of HEART FILLED WORDS, to Encourage Others.
Intent: #MakingGratitudeContagious

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