Didier Sylvestre


Didier Sylvestre lives and works in Luxembourg (EU).
Since 2001, most of his photographic work is part of a series on cities and their identity (Porto, Lisbon, Paris, Athens, Brussels, London, Venice, Geneva, Madrid, Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Berlin, Marseille, Copenhagen, Stockholm ...)
In the movement of the walk, he trails them to the rhythm of contemplation, moments and situations that surprise and move him.
What interests him is above all travel, more than destination. He has no message to pass, but a perception of the world around it to share.
Living the picture as a vector of emotions, he likes to surprise the expressions. Photography remains a natural extension of these moments of life, raw and instinctive.
His works are also displayed on his personal website: http://www.didiersylvestre.com

Books by Didier Sylvestre