E. D. W. W.

Washington Metropolitan Area

E. D. W. W. most definitely sees herself as a Coastal-Country personality. She enjoys nature, gardens, parks and wildlife. This interest/love in the environment has provided considerable inspiration in her, "artistic endeavors." The Art Prints Volume 1 is a collection of such park visits in the last few years.

E.D.W.W. has a Theatre (Historian) degree from an accredited University in the heart of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains/New River Valley and have tooled in many venues. She believes being a daydreamer with a photographer's great eye effectively helped morph her into a digital artist.

Currently residing in the Washington Metropolitan area, EDWW is re-embracing with fervor her once forgotten artistic talents with a focus on the beauty of nature. Now, more than ever, she believes we must strive to understand the great need for balance.

Books by E. D. W. W.