Antonisia Imperiano Schroder

Essex, UK

Antonisia Schroder’s photography has been shaped over years of experience and experimentation, beginning in South America before relocating to Europe and developing her career.

Now a dual British/Brazilian citizen having first settled in the UK in the 1990s, she was born in Fortaleza, Brazil, in 1976. However, her family is Portuguese in origin. Antonisia was always inquisitive about the world around her; a quality that served her well as she grew older and began to see that world through a lens rather than the naked eye.

She is a prolific photographer, book maker and artist and has held a number of solo exhibitions in the UK and further afield. She has also been nominated several times for the Brazilian International Press Awards in the art category.

She has a BA and MA degree in art and photography and regularly runs workshops and training sessions for schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

She is also a keen poet - using her love of it to record her thoughts.

Books by Antonisia Imperiano Schroder