Amy Stielstra

Franklin Tennessee

Newspaper- The Grand Rapids Press
Date- Saturday Janurary 15, 2005
By Sylvia Krissoff
Fine Arts

It's hard to believe that the array of art on display at the Lowell Chamber of Commerce is the work of one person. But it is. It belongs to Amy Stielstra, who, a year ago, decided to give up her work in graphics and illustration to devote full time "to her passion for fine art."
Who would believe the charming charcoal drawing "Safe," the animated girl on a swing in watercolor, and the several pieces from "Screaming Lady" are from the same artist?
What you do realize is Stielstra is a very competent draftsman, and she also is interested in the exploration of material, surface and content.
You might call her eclectic with her mix of styles and media. She has used charcoal, oils, acrylics, watercolor, inks and collage. No one style captures all her moods.

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