Vicky Gooch

Pearland, Texas, USA

About the Artist
A classical realist artist living in Houston, Vicky Gooch specializes in fine art oil paintings using techniques of the old masters and high quality materials to create custom heirloom quality portraits. She creates paintings that capture the quiet dignity of a wise man or the distance beyond the orchard in order to inspire a sense of wonder about our world. Painting from life gives her the time to understand her subject and the nuances of color and light needed to bring life to the image. Her specialties include custom portraits, figurative and landscape paintings in oil on linen.
Vicky Gooch takes the time to discover what it is that makes each subject unique, then captures that feeling into a classical oil painting to inspire years of joyful contemplation.

If eyes are the window to the soul, then art is a window between souls.” - Vicky Gooch

Books by Vicky Gooch