Timothy Wildey

Fort Myers, Florida USA

The year was 1972 as my interest in photography started at age 15. My father took me to Lincoln Camera Shop in Wilmington, Delaware. This was a well-established shop for amateur and professional photographers. We decided to shop for a good condition used 35mm manual camera. Soon we settled on a Minolta SRT-101 with a 28mm, F2.8 lens. The camera served me well for over 30 years and gave me the chance to learn first the basics and then advanced photography methods. During High School, I took a photography class and learned to develop and print images. In the summer of 1977, I had the opportunity to ride along with the New York City Fire Department as a photojournalist. Then soon being a Professional Firefighter working in a City environment. Over many years, I carried a basic automatic 35mm film camera in my fire coat pocket. This allowed me to capture some one of a kind images of Fire scenes and of my brother Firefighters. Traveling the country also provided opportunities to photograph.

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