Chance Nkosi Gomez

Miami Florida

Nkosi is a polymath who is a native to the island of St. Lucia. Nkosi’s travels have spanned the globe to include interesting locations such as the Caribbean, North & South America, Asia and Africa. Nkosi’s art uses the gift of intuitive story spontaneity. His immediate goals seek to expand on exposing consciousness through his visuals. His signature look consist on a series of abstract and surreal images. The continuation of his journey will be the unfolding years that will produce inspiring imagery that he seeks. In this present day, it is truly exciting to be involved with the visual arts, especially photographic visual arts. Modern digital imaging technology challenges an artist such as Nkosi, to exceed the typical capabilities of the equipment and produce imagery that is all at once divine in the mastery of capturing and controlling light.

Books by Chance Nkosi Gomez