The Sound of Machines

Sydney, Australia

We are longstanding commission painters in the Australian hobby scene – coming up on five years full time. Very pleased to be launching this eBook version of our hardcover “Down in the Basement” which serves as a great tool for review to other painters, but also for us to showcase some projects that have since been handed to clients or sold.

The response to the hardcover has been phenomenal, so we decided to put out a more affordable (and compact!) eBook version for those that still wish to support and read the book, but prefer an eVersion.

Check us out at:

And, keep your eyes peeled for a Volume 2 - as well as other things currently underway.

Areas of Expertise

Army painting, colour selection, experimental techniques, speed painting, written tutorials and classes.

For what it's worth, we're also good at communicating to clients and delivering to a deadline. Professionalism is key to how TSOM operates.

Professional Affiliations

We love these guys: The Combat Company, Secret Weapon Miniatures and Lorenzo Princi - designer. Thanks to you all for the support over the last handful of years.

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