Kim Kalesti

New York, New York USA

A philosopher - a lover of wisdom and truth relying on natural instincts make Kim Kalesti a naturalist: Naturalist have always seen the oneness, not separating humans from nature. Author Kim Kalesti a country girl from the Rocky Mountains is a naturalist with untethered faith in mother nature her intuition as an artist, mother and creative. Sustaining her connection in the middle of one of the most challenging metropolis man made jungles: New York City. Although her conscious state was challenged by small apartment living quarters, social commercial beliefs of the notorious music industry she practiced mind control, mental visualizations that manifest her inner joy in spite of the high energy chaos around her. This is Kimistry The Living Museum, observing life's ever-changing emotional dynamics, embracing its pain and turning the diverse range of experiences into contemporary harmonic choral work, poetry, song, poetry video's and live performance and books.

Books by Kim Kalesti