Jeremy Woodhouse

McKinney, TX USA

Since arriving on these shores 21 years ago, Jeremy has enjoyed a roller coaster ride pursuing the American Dream. Since his early days as a graphic designer, his dream was to become a stock photographer. Riding the wave of the internet revolution in the mid 90s, he got involved with Getty Images and went on to build a successful business traveling the world and taking stock pictures.

By 2005, he started collaborating with nature photographer Nancy Rotenberg, and was instrumental in setting up frequent international trips to Italy and to Mexico. He went on to lead trips to Guatemala and Costa Rica. As the developer of the Dreamteam photo tour concept, recent collaborations have included tours to Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia with co-leaders Nevada Wier, Brenda Tharp, photojournalist Alison Wright and Guatemalan-born Holly Wilmeth

2013 was his busiest year so far with 12 international trips and 2014 is proving to be the same with sold out tours for most of the year.

Books by Jeremy Woodhouse