Cristina Rusu

Santa Barbara, CA

The person I am today reflects my experiences in the places I have traveled and the people I have met along the way. I was a traveler long before I was a painter. Discovering the world has been a lifelong personal journey of self-discovery. Recording what I see has given me an increased empathy and connection to the world. When I first started painting, I painted dark, mostly in black and white, and based mainly on difficult and challenging personal experiences. At a certain point, I realized I could no longer paint in black and white, I needed color. It was as if I had worked through the obstacles, and could now experience the joys of life on my own terms, to do more of what I like. My passion is painting places I am travelling to, people that I meet and stories that I hear. Painting helps me search deeply and intensely for expression and connection with my subject even in the darkest of circumstances.

Books by Cristina Rusu