Johanna Spinks

United States

Johanna Spinks is a British-born, Los Angeles based oil portrait artist whose work hangs in museums, galleries, and private collections all over the world. Mentored by eight-time presidential portrait artist Everett Raymond Kinstler N.A., Johanna’s style can best be described as classical with a contemporary palette knife twist. She specializes in heirloom, family, corporate, religious, and bridal portrait commissions. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, American Artist Magazine, and Art Talk, along with TV and radio appearances on L.A. TALK Live and OurVentura TV. She has received awards and distinctions from Oil Painters of America National shows including The Daler Rowney Award for Painting Excellence in 2008, American Artist Magazine Award of Artistic Achievement, 2004, The Portrait Society of America Ambassador Certificate of Achievement for her three year term as C.A. State Ambassador, 2009, and The Portrait Society of Atlanta First Place National Show, 2008.

Books by Johanna Spinks