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Share your love of a very special place with a beautiful travel book made by you.


Find a home for your travel memories

You can’t take everyone with you, but you can share what you loved about a place in a one-of-a-kind travel book. Blurb’s book-making tools are uniquely capable of handling both text and images, so you can tell your story the way you want (that’s how you travel, right?).

Make a book to preserve your memories, to share your adventure – even to sell to fund your next trip. If you can board a plane or get in a car, take some pictures, and write in a journal, you can create a beautiful book with Blurb.

Selling your travel book around the world

Don’t just keep your book to yourself – make sure it’s going places. We have distribution options tailored to help you reach your readers. Blurb Direct Sell gives you a Personal Shopfront to use on your own website, blog or Facebook page, so you can reach out directly to fans and friends. Blurb to Amazon makes it easy to sell photo paper books on For trade books, the Global Retail Network makes your book available to shops online and around the world. You can also publish reflowable ebooks for the Kindle® and fixed-layout ebooks for the iPad®.


Your itinerary: How to make a travel book

If you’re dreaming of making a travel book, you’ve come to the right place. It’s easy to turn your memories into a wonderful book, just keep a few things in mind.

Get it in focus.
A good book about Florida isn’t just about Florida. A good book about Thailand isn’t just about Thailand. We’ve got encyclopedias for that. What’s your focus? Work out your unique perspective on a place before you start writing.

Bring it home.
If you think about it, you could even write a travel book about your own back garden. That’s what we mean by picking your angle – make it interesting, explain it, show it in a way nobody’s seen it before. If you’ve got a good angle, you could be writing about anywhere.

Feel the spirit.
Facts are great, and a good framework for the story, but you need to show so much more. What does breakfast where you’re travelling smell like? What do you hear when you walk down the street? If you can make your readers taste what you’ve tasted, you will have truly brought them with you.

Learn from the experts.
While we love love love books made with Blurb, we’ve got room in our hearts for other books as well (generous of us, don’t you think?). Have a look at some of our favourite travel books from all over the world:

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Travel books - The Road to Reno

The Road to Reno
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Travel books - Thailand Street Markets

Thailand Street Markets
Sabino Parente

Travel books - Diario del Peru

Diario del Peru
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Keep going
If this wasn’t quite enough information to get you started, here are 10 tips for aspiring travel writers from acclaimed travel expert and novelist Paul Theroux and a list of the top ten writers about so many different destinations from the Guardian. You can even get great travel photography tips from our favourite globetrotting pro, Dan Milnor.

Travel Books - Book-making steps


Bring it all home: How to make a travel book with Blurb

If you’re ready for takeoff, let us help you pick the Blurb book-making tool that fits your design experience (don’t worry, they’re all first-class).