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Stir in words and pictures: Layout is easy with Blurb

Let’s be honest, food writing isn’t really about the writing, it’s about the photography—mouth-watering pictures of food are what really draw people in. Blurb’s online and downloadable book-making tools make it simple to choose the perfect layout of text and images for your food book. Create your own custom page templates or use ours. Build a photo gallery of full-bleed photos and two-page spreads. Go text-heavy and accent pages with your photos. It’s up to you. (Oh, and it’s super-easy to turn that print book into an ebook.)


Just a taste of what you can make with Blurb

Cookbooks, recipe collections, culinary memoirs—any book you can make about food—are great ways to get creative with Blurb. Make something amazing, discover a new taste, take some pictures, and show it all off. (You can leave the dirty dishes for someone else.) Here are just a few ideas for culinary books you could whip up:

  • A collection of local restaurant reviews
  • Treasured family recipes in an album (include family photos?)
  • Simple, elegant photography of your favorite meals
  • The history of an iconic dish
  • An exploration of an ethnic cuisine

Invite the world to your table—and make some money

Blurb gives you everything you need to get your book into the hands of like-minded foodies. We have distribution options tailored to help you reach your readers. Blurb Direct Sell gives you a Personal Storefront to use on your own website, blog, or Facebook page, so you can reach out directly to fans and friends. Blurb to Amazon makes it easy to sell photo paper books on For trade books, the Global Retail Network makes your book available to stores online and around the world. You can also publish reflowable ebooks for the Kindle® and fixed-layout ebooks for the iPad®.


Enjoy a little help from Blurb food authors

Hundreds and hundreds of food enthusiasts have made delicious books with Blurb. Get inspiration from some food authors who came before you.


And meet a Blurb author who explored her culinary heritage in a book:

Setting up: Tips to help you get started

We believe that everyone has a great food book in them. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make it real. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

Lesson time.
First off, decide what you’re going to be teaching people. Is it a specific skill? The background of a dish or cuisine? Where to find the best restaurant in town? Once you decide what you’re saying, you’ll have a clear path. Give people concrete things to learn and do, exact ingredient measurements, specific shops to shop at, precise techniques to use, etc. Nobody is looking for fluff and filler.

Story time.
Even if you’re putting together a collection of recipes (a cookbook, we mean), you’ll still need to have a narrative arc. Your book should read as a unified story and take the reader on a journey, so make sure you know where you’re going to end up. Do you feel comfortable supporting readers who pop in here and there for a bite? How could you make their journey easier?

Put it in pictures.
Like we said earlier, killer food photography is key (and tricky to get just right), which is why we’ve gathered loads of tips, tricks, and instructional materials for you:

Research, research, research, inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.
Here are some of our favorite food articles and resources:


Recipe: How to make a food book with Blurb


Already have a food blog? Just slurp your blog into a book.

Make a book from your blogging platform of choice—Blurb supports Blogger, LiveJournal, and TypePad—right within our downloadable book-making tool. Just load it up and automatically add your text, images, comments, and links (oh, and choose what you don’t want to add as well). You can also make an ebook to share and sell.






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