Executive Team

Todd Larsen


Growing up as a teenager, Todd Larsen worked summer jobs for the local newspaper chain, while diving deeply into online services and other technologies as an early adopter. He has worked much of his 27-year media career at that intersection of traditional media and digital technology.

Todd spent 13 years at Dow Jones, growing the digital business of the Wall Street Journal from a fledgling paid service to a $300 million high margin engine for the company. He served as the company's president for two years, overseeing a $2 billion P&L, including both consumer and business to business divisions.

At Time Inc., Todd served as an Executive Vice President and President of the News and Sports titles (Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated) before adding responsibility for People and Entertainment Weekly. He focused on jump-starting the digital and video efforts for the company, driving the total audience of Time Inc. from 50 million per month in unique visitors to more than 100 million unique visitors in just two years. He also created the video team, which has become a major revenue growth driver for the company.

Todd joined Blurb in January 2016 and is excited to lead Blurb to its next level of growth and success.

Todd Larsen

Todd's motto:
"That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger."
—Friedrich Nietzsche

Kelly Leach

Senior Vice President/General Manager

Kelly Leach is passionate about quality content and is excited to have joined Blurb with its focus on providing the means for anyone and everyone to put their own amazing content into book or magazine format. Kelly’s responsibilities as General Manager at Blurb include overseeing product, marketing, program management and the company’s international strategy.

She has spent her career helping to grow the businesses of venerable media brands such as The Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. As Dow Jones’ London-based Managing Director for EMEA and publisher of The Wall Street Journal’s European edition, Kelly led the expansion of the Journal’s digital business in the region, including the launches of local language editions of  wsj.com in Germany and Turkey.

As General Manager for The Wall Street Journal in the U.S. she oversaw several substantial new projects including the global launch and expansion of WSJ Magazine, the launch of the Greater New York Section and the revamp of the Saturday edition known as WSJ Weekend. She joined Dow Jones from Time Inc. where she led the development of a digital archive of 80+ years of Time Magazine.

Prior to joining Blurb, Kelly was most recently CEO of Piano, a technology platform company offering analytics and commerce solutions to help media companies develop consumer digital revenue streams.

Kelly is a self-proclaimed foodie, travel enthusiast, and avid cyclist.

Kelly Leach

Kelly's favorite quote:
"The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience."
—Eleanor Roosevelt

Kelly's first Blurb Book:
More Koala chronicles Kelly’s first trip to Australia. Her second Blurb book is a perpetual work-in-progress capturing the photos and memories of her four-month sabbatical traveling in Italy, Spain, Japan, Vietnam, Argentina and Mexico.

Rohini Pradeep

Senior Vice President, Technology

Building the right technology solution for media companies with a stable architecture and team, along with a passion for books is what motivated Rohini Pradeep to work for Blurb.

Rohini is responsible for leading the development of Blurb’s overall technology vision and strategy, managing the company’s engineering roadmap, development and operations, from concept through delivery to consumers, as well as providing ongoing service operations.

Prior to joining Blurb, Rohini’s 20-year career spanned a number of roles at various high tech companies including Next Issue Media, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Lucent Technologies.

Rohini earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Mysore University, India, as well as a M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University, California.

Rohini Pradeep

Bruce’s favorite quote:
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence."
—Helen Keller

Bruce Watermann

Senior Vice President, Operations

In 2005, color print-on-demand books were too expensive to be practical for authors and businesses. Bruce Watermann’s task as part of the founding executive team at Blurb was to solve that problem and he changed the industry in the process, taking the company from $0 to $40M+ in revenue and profitability three years after launch.

As Blurb’s SVP Operations, Bruce Watermann oversees global print production strategy and technology, partner relationships, customer support, volume sales, and fulfillment. He is responsible for the creation of what is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and agile digital and offset print network in the self-publishing industry, with multiple locations in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

Bruce has worked in the photography and printing industries for over 40 years, merging traditional skills with state-of-the-art digital technologies to accurately represent fine art and photo imagery. Prior to joining Blurb, Bruce worked as an executive consultant to the digital imaging industry, advising established companies and start-ups including Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Costco, art.com, and MyPublisher in developing efficient and forward-thinking processes to promote access and sales of photography, fine art, and photo products.

He was a member of the senior management team that took Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation out of R&D into a real-world business as Director of Global Imaging Operations from 1994-2000. From 1981-1993 Bruce was Vice President-Production for Pacific Color, Inc., the Pacific Northwest’s premier digital and photographic imaging laboratory, at the introduction of analog-to-digital conversion, supporting clients including Microsoft, Adobe, Weyerhaeuser, Westin Hotels and PhotoDisc.

Bruce Watermann

Bruce’s favorite quote:
"If a man only likes victory he must always come late for the battle."
—G.K. Chesterton

Bruce’s first Blurb book:
Mariner Memories (Seattle Mariners, that is)

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Founder, Executive Chairman

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