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Our sales agents take our printed books along on sales calls. The ability to present a bound edition of your work and brand has undeniable value adding capability.
Carby Tuckwell
Deus ex Machina

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Smart businesses of every size use Blurb to create professional-quality print and ebooks to share their best work with their community, clients and investors. Now it’s your turn. Use our self-publishing platform to create high-quality books that elevate your brand and showcase your best work.

We have tools for everyone – from first-time book-makers to creative design professionals. We can publish your work in a wide range of formats – everything from an ebook to a large 30 x 30 cm hardcover.

It's easy to get started. But if you have any questions or feel like you need more information about any part of the process, we have an amazing library of webinars, how-to videos and forum discussions to help guide your book-making journey. There’s also 24/7 email support and chat help available during business hours: Mon-Fri 6am – 6pm.