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The ability to outsource the entire supply chain...was the critical decision factor...Plus, Blurb ships to 70 countries...this was huge in helping us draft, promote and sell the book.
Paul Ark
Amazing Maasai Ultra Race


In a world where so many wonderful and worthy causes compete for recognition and funding, it can be difficult to get attention. A Blurb book can be a huge factor in driving awareness of your non-profit or cause-based initiative. And it can be the catalyst for generating donations and gifts. Nothing helps people visualise the mission of a cause more than seeing intent in action through words and pictures.

Seeing is believing. Find your believers.

Blurb publications are a great way for you to extend the reach of your fundraising efforts. A book lets you document the work of your organisation or clearly articulate the goals and objectives of your fundraising effort. So whether you're using the book as a way to thank donors – or as a means of raising money through book sales – Blurb gives you the platform for getting your message out to the world in a meaningful way.