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Do you want to know why God had created this earth? Do you want to know why this earth, that is in this dark and empty universe, is the only planet that has life on it and the other planets in our solar system and universe don’t? Do you want to know the size of this universe? Do you want to know where sin had originally come from? Did you know that all of mankind is conceived, formed and born into this world with that same sinful nature and sin of Adam, that has already damned us all to hell? Did you know that we are all on this path to hell and its not by choice but by the sin of Adam’s sin that has been passed unto all of us at conception? Did you know that God had provided for all of us, a free choice to choose and accept His salvation plan to have your sins removed from you so that your sins go to hell and you are then free and clear to go to God’s heaven? This book will answer all of these questions and more. This book will give you an overall view starting at the timeline where God is about to make and create the angels of heaven; and when the first sin entered into God’s heaven for the first time; and the restoration of this earth; and the reason why God had decided to make and create the first man Adam; and to the point at that very moment that Jesus had made that powerful statement, “ It Is Finished!”, when He was on that cross for our salvation and just before Jesus had laid down His life for us and died. This book will set you free from the darkness of misunderstanding and lies by the understanding of the light of the Truth; for the eyes of our spirit will either walk and believe in misunderstanding or understanding; the darkness of lies or the light of the Truth; the lies of Satan or the Truth of Jesus; for Satan is the father of all lies; but Jesus is the only Way and the only Truth and the only Eternal Life.


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Publish Date  March 03, 2014

Dimensions  Trade  252 pgs Colour printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Religion & Spirituality

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